Who Are We?

Spring Forward works with leaders to build their breadth of leadership skills and bring out their very best to improve performance and accelerate progress towards their career and personal goals.
You are your most powerful and successful when you lead from the core of who you are. When you are confident leading and influencing with personal congruence to achieve personal and business success.
We bring a unique blend of real world executive experience coupled with coaching techniques to help you thrive and perform even under pressure, as you leverage your talents and experience to succeed doing what you love. You will develop the self belief, confidence and resilience to improve your leadership effectiveness and extend your influence. And through better clarity and focus, you will create a career roadmap that’s balanced with personal goals to achieve meaningful success.

My Journey

Hi. I’m Carol Yang, an Executive Coach with over 20 years of international senior corporate experience. After leadership roles with large multinationals around the world, I’m now onto my next chapter, leveraging my extensive experience to help leaders grow their confidence and mental toughness to lead and influence with personal congruence.
I’m excited about empowering others to develop to their full potential. By growing their clarity, self belief and resilience to bring out the best in themselves to achieve their career and personal goals.
Having navigated my own crossroads, I also love working with leaders who are thinking about their ‘what’s next’ to help them create more possibilities and move forward to further success.
Don’t underestimate what you can achieve when you have clarity, focus and self belief. Realise your potential to make a bigger difference in areas that matter most to you. I look forward to meeting you one day.

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Build your leadership agility, confidence and resilience to thrive and perform even under pressure. Find out more
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Considering a Career Change? First ask yourself what stage you’re in

Considering a Career Change? First ask yourself what stage you’re in

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Don’t Let Your Identity Be Defined by Your Career

Don’t Let Your Identity Be Defined by Your Career

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