About Carol Yang

Meet Carol Yang

Founder & Director of Spring Forward

Hi, I’m Carol. You’re probably wondering who I am and how I can help you achieve your goals. Those are fair questions as we’ve probably not met or spoken before.
Let me first share some benefits of working with an Executive Coach. I recall in the early days of my corporate career, there was a greater focus on growth and capability development. That makes sense as the company wanted to build my skills to take on greater responsibilities. But as I grew into more senior leadership roles, the focus shifted to more on-the-job learning. I realised that I had to take ownership of my own professional development to continue learning and performing at my peak. I suspect this sounds familiar to you.
Successful leaders recognise that having the right support is critical to achieving their goals. Your coach is your trusted partner with strategic guidance from a broader, more experienced perspective. Your learning catalyst to help you identify blind spots and untapped potential to improve your performance.
The key is to find the right coach. Someone with the right experience based on your growth needs. And importantly, someone with the right chemistry so you will be comfortable speaking freely.

My Journey

My professional journey has spanned more than two decades. I built a successful corporate career with large multinationals like Procter & Gamble and The Timberland Company, and have worked in the US, Japan, Singapore and now Australia. My last corporate role was as the Vice President of Global Marketing with The Timberland Company where I was responsible for global strategy development and deployment, while leading a large, diverse team of leaders across the globe.  
I’m telling you all this not to brag. But to illustrate that “I’ve been there, done that”. I understand the challenges of developing a leadership style that has personal congruence and delivers results, I know the leadership skills required to succeed at a senior level. And I know what’s needed to push past fears and self doubts to be confident leading (even when you’re not) to get the job done, and done well. I’ve also experienced first hand what it’s like to reach a crossroads and make hard choices in your career, when the time is right for you.
Leadership is about finding your leadership voice and stepping up to extend your influence to achieve both personal and business success. It’s about digging deep into your self belief to push past boundaries to develop your confidence while building resilience to ride out the storms. And it’s also about developing work/life integration strategies that work for you because it’s difficult to focus at work if you’re unhappy with your personal choices.

I founded Spring Forward because I wanted to empower leaders like you to have the leadership expertise, clarity and confidence to succeed doing what you love.

Because I know that we are our most powerful and successful when we lead from the core of who we are.

I look forward to working with you one day to achieve your goals ….