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Choose Gratitude

Gratitude is a choice we can make to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves.

Carol Yang

As we wind up the year, I can’t think of a better way than to finish up feeling grateful. Not because this year has gone so smoothly. Quite the opposite. I’ve had my fair share of setbacks. But I believe that gratitude is a choice. And I choose gratitude as I want to be kinder and a bit more compassionate towards myself.

I’m grateful for …

…..  both of my mentors who have shared their wisdom, championed me and kicked my butt. Most of all, I’m thankful for their willingness to invest a priceless resource – their time, to help me on my journey

…..  my failures and near-successes as that means that at least I tried my best

…..  my clients for entrusting their journey of learning and growth to me. As you have grown, so have I in equal measure

…..  my family for their patience during times when stress has gotten the better of me

…..  the health hiccups through the year that have reminded me to pay more attention to my wellbeing

…..  my own journey of learning as I’ve proven to myself that it’s never too late for old dogs to learn new tricks

And as I write this last article for the year, I’m grateful to you. For allowing me to share my insights and responding through personal emails on how the articles have resonated deeply with you. Thank you for making my day.

I will be taking some time off to recharge my resilience for the year ahead.

As you power down, I wish you a rejuvenating break.

May you also choose to end the year with a grateful heart.

I’ll see you back here in January 2018!




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