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Don’t Rush the Journey to Your ‘What’s Next’

Mapping your ‘what’s next’ is a journey. Don’t rush it.

Carol Yang

what's next

‘What’s Next’ is a term I use to describe the roadmap ahead for your professional life.

Often when I work with leaders who are searching for their ‘what’s next’, there’s confusion and a lack of clarity.

This creates anxiety and quite often a feeling of impatience with themselves as they haven’t ‘solved’ it yet.

As leaders, it’s our natural instinct to want to solve problems quickly. That’s what we’re paid to do. See a problem, develop strategies so that we can move into action to fix problem.

A little less easy when it comes to our life and what we want for our career long term. Conflicted emotions get in the way.

I offer this suggestion – let go of the need to solve it NOW. It’s a journey. And like all good journeys, it’s best when it’s not rushed. The destination will get clearer when we ask ourselves the right questions and invest the time and space for reflection.

Only then will we see more possibilities.



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