You’ve spent most of your life building a successful career and it has brought many rewards. You have no regrets. However, you are ready for a change but you’ve never really invested much time thinking about your career plan. You feel trapped in a career that’s no longer as satisfying or meaningful as it used to be, yet that’s where your comfort zone is. You wonder if you can succeed doing something else.

Life may even feel a little bit out of control. Your constant busy-ness is leaving you drained and frustrated. You’re tired of the constant juggling and you’re wondering if the trade offs are worth it.

Or perhaps you’re starting to think about your legacy. You know that you have more to offer and you’re wondering how to leverage your talents and experience to make a bigger difference.

Many of us reach a point where we feel uncertain about our ‘what’s next’

I get how you feel.

You see, I’ve felt the same way before. A few years ago, I was a successful executive living the dream. I had spent my lifetime building a corporate career, with global leadership roles across several large multinationals. But I reached a point where I was looking for more. I know what it feels like to be confused and conflicted. Without clarity and direction, I felt trapped in a gilded cage.

What I really wanted was a life more aligned to what matters most to me, and to do more meaningful work. It was only when I found the right tools and someone to guide me that the fog of confusion began to clear. Now I channel my energy into assisting others who are stuck at their crossroads. To help them move forward and take their lives to the next level.

How I am uniquely equipped to guide you –

  • I have the unique experience of having built a successful career and navigated my own crossroads in life. So I understand the hard decisions you face and what’s needed to get clarity and focus
  • I bring strategic thinking and structure from my 23 years of corporate experience to help you define and move ahead to your next chapter. I’m future focused and all about making the hard calls to get unstuck and move forward. To create clear goals and action plans, and the accountability to achieve them
  • Having worked in senior leadership roles globally, I bring fresh perspective to identify your hidden potential and opportunities that you may have overlooked

Create more possibilities. Reinvent yourself for the future

This Pathfinder Program will give you –

Clarity and purpose for your ‘what’s next’; congruent to what matters most to you

Clear sense of your Personal Brand and how to best leverage your talents and experience going forward

Concrete strategies, goals and action plans for your next chapter; with guidance and support to hold you accountable 

Move past mental barriers holding you back to fully harness your personal power

Your personal definition of ‘success’, in line with your aspirations

Fresh perspective on your career to increase your engagement at work

Greater self awareness to design a life and career that you love

Who this is for –

LEADERS who are ready for the next phase of their personal and professional life; and want meaningful change. This is perfect for individuals who are looking for more. For those who are seeking ways to make a bigger impact and who want a more meaningful career and life, in sync with what brings them the greatest satisfaction.

CORPORATE EXECUTIVES who feel burned out and want to rekindle their enjoyment and engagement at work. We perform at our best when we can see how our work helps us achieve our important goals in life. This program will assist in linking your personal and professional goals to increase your engagement and achieve further success in your career.


The program will be tailored to deliver your desired outcomes. My intention is to help you regain your bearings and get back in touch what truly matters to you. To design a life plan congruent with your sense of self, and develop the confidence and conviction to achieve your goals.

  • 6 x 90-min sessions over 6 months
  • In-person (Melbourne) or Skype
  • E-mail and phone support throughout the program
  • Thought provoking learning and diagnostic tools
  • Monthly reading and resources for inspiration and guidance


Want to get ‘unstuck’ and move forward ?

Contact me for an exploratory discussion

To ensure that this is the best fit for you, we will be exploring the following areas –

  1. Where are you stuck, and what are you questioning ?
  2. What is most missing in your life currently ?
  3. Where are you most afraid of ?
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