One thing I know from all my years in corporate is that as leaders, there’s a lot expected of us. And sometimes it’s hard to perform at our best.

The challenges we face are many and the pace of change is increasing. Our work is getting more complex and challenging everyday.

There are so many more stakeholders to engage just to get work done. Teams are more spread out and increasingly diverse. Roles are at times unclear and often we have to lead and influence without direct authority.

From securing commitment and resources from global counterparts and cross functional team members to handling difficult direct reports, or perhaps even influencing up to manage your boss. You’re trying your best to adapt but it’s difficult to keep up.

You need to develop the necessary skills and resilience to perform even in new and difficult situations. Just keeping up is not enough. You need to stay ahead of the increasing demands expected of you.

High performing leaders have both the leadership skills and mental toughness to future proof their performance as complexity increases.

No one has it all figured out.

That’s why all successful people have a coach or mentor at some point. To benefit from the wisdom of experience and have a trusted confidante for support and guidance. And importantly, to sharpen skills that are already there, or build new ones.

What I bring as your leadership coach –

Imagine if you had at your fingertips all the learning acquired through 23 years of senior corporate leadership experience. That’s what it would be like working with me.

I am a firm believer that when we lead from the core of who we are, we bring out the very best of ourselves to realise our potential and achieve both success and fulfilment.

I’ve worked internationally in the US, Japan and Singapore. During that time, I’ve led large global and regional teams in big corporates like Procter & Gamble and The Timberland Company.

So I understand the challenges of managing multiple stakeholder needs and how to lead diverse multi-cultural teams. I bring practical guidance and insights from my successes and failures in my broad career and life experience to help you build your leadership confidence and resilience.

While I don’t have all the answers, I can also share my insights on work/life integration strategies that have reduced overwhelm for me and others.

Develop the leadership skills and mental toughness to future proof your performance


  • Confidante

    Leadership can be lonely. Your coach is your trusted, external confidante to let your guard down with and speak openly about performance gaps and career goals. Time with your coach is an opportunity to increase your self awareness to develop your self belief and confidence in a safe learning environment

  • Trusted Advisor

    Your coach is there to listen with no judgement. Your confidential sounding board for feedback and guidance to amplify your leadership voice and improve your performance. Get practical advice and strategic guidance from someone more experienced to develop your capabilities and increase your resilience

  • Learning Catalyst

    Take ownership to manage your career. Your coach brings fresh eyes and a broader perspective to identify blind spots and areas of untapped potential. To facilitate learning and challenge you to push past your boundaries, stretch outside your comfort zone and extend your influence


  • A person you trust and respect with a broad base of relevant career experience
  • Finding the right fit. Someone with the right chemistry so that you can speak freely and honestly
  • Someone who has done the hard yards and traveled the road you’re on, who can share learning from their own success and failures to help you lift your game


The Resilient Leadership program is about developing high performing leaders with the leadership skills and mental toughness to perform at their best.

The goal is to move you up the performance ladder by empowering you with the right skills and strategies so that you can thrive despite challenges and setbacks. This is when your performance leaps forward to the next level.

Leaders who are Agile can respond quickly to changing needs and are able to adapt their leadership approach when working with different personalities, styles or cultures to get the best from them. At the top rung are Resilient leaders who not only have these skills, they also have very good self awareness. They know how to build their stress resilience to not buckle under pressure. When we are resilient, we are adept at managing self doubt to bounce back faster so that we can continue performing well even under difficult conditions. This is when we realise our full potential.

My intention is to help you be a more resilient leader with greater confidence and grit. Along the way, you will also develop greater clarity and self belief to lead with more congruence and conviction.

From the Resilient Leadership program, you will –

  • Define a sharper sense of who you are as a leader
  • Increase your self awareness and the impact you have on others
  • Learn how to manage your stress response and mindset to build your mental toughness and grit
  • Build your self belief and confidence by breaking through mental barriers
  • Build your leadership credibility with your manager, direct reports and key partners
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership approach to influence across multiple stakeholders and diverse teams to get the best from them
  • 6 month program
  • 6 x 90 min sessions
  • In person (Melbourne) or Skype
  • Recommended monthly reading and resources for learning and inspiration
  • Regular check ins and accountability support