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The Art of Staying Grounded in the Hurricane of Life

Clarity about your sense of self is the cornerstone starting point to staying centered and grounded in life. The key to developing your very own virtual anchor that you can hold onto even as the hurricane of life swirls around you.

Carol Yang

I’ve long admired people who are driven and focused, yet at the same time, have this aura of staying grounded and centered in life. Folks who despite the dramas going on in and around them, have this firmly fixed virtual anchor to hold onto even as the hurricane of life swirls around them. They possess almost a Yoda-like sense of inner peace and calm as they pursue ambitious life and career goals.

Truth be told, in my younger days, I’ve even envied these folks and often wondered how they do it. With maturity (and I’m not saying that I’m old!) and from my own personal discovery, I’ve realised that it’s more than just a personality trait. That sense of centered-ness and staying grounded is achievable for all of us …. thankfully !

It starts with having a clear and strong sense of self. Your sense of self is the pure, unadulterated version of you. It’s your true north. It forms your sense of identity and it’s who you are at your core. And that consists of two key components.

The first is having a crystal clear awareness of what you’re all about. What you stand for and what matters most to you. It may seem simple and obvious. Yet for many, it’s often muddied by what they think they should do, or should think or should behave.

Personal clarity about what you place most importance on influences what you prioritise in life and how you spend your time and energy. This is your WHY, and this is what centers you. It drives your life and career decisions – whether big or small. The conviction of knowing that your choices are right for you is the vital lynchpin that grounds you and insulates you when others disagree.

The second element that forms your sense of self is developing core beliefs that support you. We all have core beliefs – about ourselves, about other people. Most of those beliefs were formed during our formative childhood and early adult years based on our experiences.

Here’s the crazy thing though –  you can choose what to believe in. Beliefs are basically perceptions that we have about ourselves and the world. And perceptions can be changed. Choosing core beliefs that support you, instead of ones that undermine you, is another way of anchoring yourself. It helps to strengthen your mindset and shores up your personal armour of resilience – that vital body armour to help deflect the stings of setbacks.

Like the weather here in Melbourne, life can be unpredictable. Clarity about your sense of self is the cornerstone starting point to staying grounded and centered. Without that you’ll be like a leaf blowing in the wind.

Do you have a clear sense of who you are and what matters most to you ?

What are your core beliefs about yourself, and do they support you ?

Get clarity on both these areas and you’re well on the way to having your own personal anchor to stay grounded and centered in life.




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