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How to Start Managing Up

Is your manager making your life a living nightmare? Use these tips to start managing up.

Carol Yang

If your boss frustrates you to no end, then you need to learn the skills of managing up.

You don’t have to like your manager, but you do need to learn how to work well together. 

Here are some tips to start –

  • Reframe your mindset – your boss is not the enemy. Your relationship is one of mutual dependence.
  • Stop expecting your manager to change. The burden is on you to find a better way of working together.
  • Know your manager’s key priorities and what she or he values most. Without this knowledge you’re flying blind.
  • Figure out your manager’s decision making and communication style, and adapt as much as possible. 
  • Find a way to disagree respectfully. No one likes a smart ass.

Also, be careful of these traps –

  • Managing up isn’t about sucking up. One is a skill that adds mutual value to the relationship. The other is about pandering to advance your career.
  • Adapting to your manager doesn’t mean tolerating hostile, bullying behavior.

Managing up is a leadership skill. Like all skills, it can be learned.



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