Here's what some of my clients have had to say
Andrea Klemes

It only took one session for me to realise that I would benefit from Carol’s expertise. Carol was instrumental in helping me identify traits that hold me back. I have made more progress in the months working with Carol than I had in years. She is amazing at looking at a situation and probing to help me figure out why I did or thought something. We have worked through work situations as well as personal, her knowledge and coaching skills are exemplary. I would highly recommend engaging her if you are even thinking of working with a coach.

Andrea Klemes
Preeya Sud

Carol has been a phenomenal aid to me through a pivotal career transition. She’s helped me distill what I want from my career and guided me through challenging decisions, conversations, and work situations. Working with Carol has kept me focused on how I can leverage the opportunities around me, specifically how I can develop the skills I need to turn my career aspirations into reality. I’ve also got a better handle on my strengths and blind spots, and she’s given me very tactical / tangible advice on how to manage those as my role changed from consulting to industry.

Preeya Sud
Brenda Chung Whyte

Carol is a mirror for the inner me that I either missed or ignored. She had guided me through my first year in a new organisation. She is strategic and empathic. What has been super helpful was her ability to give me practical advice that fits for my context, this is probably due to her prior professional experiences and diversity of exposures of the current client tale. I highly recommend her for someone who is going to professional and personal changes.

Brenda Chung Whyte

The 1st few sessions were really helpful and Carol’s coaching was really constructive and soon enough I had achieved the goals I had in mind. We continued our sessions and this is where for me it really was very valuable. It was like a peeling an onion. The more we were connecting, the more I was understanding who I was, what were my drivers, my triggers, my biases…. A real game changer. Our conversation turned into career discussion, self-awareness and basically becoming a better version of myself. I strongly believe that anyone can benefit from coaching at any time in their professional and or personal paths. Coaching is constructive, forward looking and exciting and Carol is a great partner on this journey!

Caroline Kearney

I had chosen Carol as my coach, due to her impressive background from both business and leadership perspectives, and my experience so far has been fantastic!

I deeply value the time that we have spent together working on my leadership skills, in particular Carol’s openness and ability to explore a breadth of topics, and all the progress that I made in such short time.

I feel more confident about my leadership style and strengths, worked on some tools to further develop my strategic thinking, and I learnt how to better focus on not allowing self-doubts to have control of my actions.

Ermanna Maiuri
Blank Profile Image

Carol is a world-class executive coach. She has a strong real world understanding of leadership skills and explains calmly, clearly and logically how such attributes can be successfully developed in practice. Carol challenges you at appropriate stages of the coaching process and invites you to re-consider your views and approaches to achieve better outcomes for you and the organisation you are part of. I would not hesitate to recommend Carol to any person seeking to improve their professional brand and any professional who takes seriously their career progression.

Dominika Maciaszek

I felt I was at a crossroads in my career - and I wanted change! And so began a journey with Carol to explore exactly what I wanted and bust some self limiting beliefs I had about myself and my career as a female leader. Carol always brought a different perspective and some pretty uncomfortable challenge at times, which ultimately helped me to define the change I wanted and how to get there. Carol has a unique style of coaching which brings together provocations for the coachee with practical stimulus and a pace that demanded action from me. This coaching with Carol has led me to act and feel more than ever that my future career path is in my control- not destiny. I thoroughly recommend Carol.

Kavita Sud

Working with Carol has been incredibly rewarding. Somehow, without having a pre-defined agenda at the beginning of each conversation, every session seems to be tackle exactly the topic that needed to be unpacked at that time. She probes and challenges with just the right amount of directness and sensitivity, she re-directs the conversation to keep it focused on an insightful learning to take forward and she closes each session with clear actions to take. I find myself reflecting on discussion points we had days after we speak, often bringing up various points in conversations with others or re-evaluating priorities. However, what I look forward to the most about these coaching sessions is that I really just enjoy talking with Carol– such a lovely woman! I would not hesitate to recommend Carol. In fact, I already have to a number of friends and colleagues that I deeply respect and believe would benefit from Carol’s insightful guidance.

Sarah Hempstead
Zoë Gault

After several coaching sessions with Carol and more to come, I highly recommend working with her. She has been instrumental in unlocking clarity on my career goals and has empowered me to reframe my thinking on how to progress towards them. After just one session with Carol, I was able to make tangible and impactful steps in the right direction. Her highly skilled approach to open questioning is balanced by an ability to narrow in and unearth essential insights which have, and will continue to be of enormous personal value. Carol also possesses the patience and calmness of mind required to create the right atmosphere for exploring any challenge, big or small. Thank you Carol!

Zoë Gault

I was introduced to Carol from a friend when I was pondering a question of "What's next?" in my career progression, with the added chaos of the pandemic. Little did I know that I would gain more than just the answer to the above question. During the sessions, through active listening and a series of non-judgemental probing questions, she has helped me 1. Reframe my original question to "What matters to me?" 2. Separate the noise from the true intention 3. Understand internal narratives. I have gradually experienced the positive changes coming from a changed mindset within my work and personal life. I challenge and share responsibility with my team more, which has pushed us to work together more, and better. Thanks Carol, I really appreciate my time with you!

Phuong Tran
Sarah Lavis

Carol is thoughtful and probes to get to the core of my challenges. She is able to cut through the clutter and noise of an issue to get to the root of it, help dissect it and then work through solutions and strategies.

Her approach is calm and warm, but she still pushes me outside my comfort zone to ensure I get the most out of my sessions.

I leave each session with new strategies to try to navigate challenging situations. I can say that every session has resulted in a new strategy that has worked and helped me achieve the outcomes I was after. 

Carol is a gem and I feel very fortunate to work with her.

Sarah Lavis

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Carol. She is inspired, curious and pushed me far outside my comfort zone.

Carol challenged me – she wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, and I am incredibly grateful that she did. Carol helped me start to get clear about what values I hold most dear and the impact these would have on my leadership style and execution. I particularly enjoyed the leadership stories exercise and found this very useful.

Thank you Carol – thank you for your generosity, curiosity, ‘gentle reminders’ and for pushing me to be the best leader I can be.

I would highly recommend Carol if you are looking to really harness your leadership capability.

Kylie D’Costa
Blank Profile Image

Carol is a gifted coach – we worked together through a period of incredible personal and professional change as I began to look towards a new chapter in my development.

Carol’s guidance helped frame my personal brand, position me for new opportunities and together we charted my goals over different time horizons. It took time, equal amounts of encouraging and challenging from her, a lot of deep soul searching from me but together we broke down my big dreams into manageable and achievable steps.

Where I was hesitant, she both encouraged and nudged me forward. Where I struggled to articulate inner thoughts and ideas, Carol’s gift as coach shone. She gave me words and helped me find the courage to voice ideas that I was too afraid to…and this has resulted in greater freedom to own who I am.

Thanks to Carol’s coaching, I have clarity, focus and am actively pursuing my dreams. My confidence has increased and I have such a sense of excitement about the future!

Misty de Vries
Kellie Mayne

Carol has been instrumental in helping me find clarity, not only for my career but also in better understanding my values and life purpose. Carol has an amazing ability to quickly cut through my excuses and fears holding me back from living my best life, and showed so much empathy and understanding as I worked through these.

I know I now have a clear roadmap for my future, but also the tools and mindset to deal with any life issues or new opportunities that may come my way.

I’d highly recommend Carol if you’re looking for an executive coach.

Kellie Mayne
Christel Leong

Many thanks for the great coaching moments. Carol has been able to engage me effectively with provoking questions that truly simulate my strategic thinking process for better personal reflections and business solutions.

Carol has been a great listener and coach in helping me to navigate a very traditional business set up through insightful conversations to continue developing my strategic thinking and influencing skills with the stakeholders.

Christel Leong

It has been a pleasure working with Carol especially on my personal rebranding. She helps to bring clarity to the thoughts and ideas that I’m exploring. Her way of coaching is through asking relevant questions and helping you to think deeper, beyond the surface.

Her many years of experience in corporate positions and her experience in coaching leaders is such a powerful combination for the value that she can provide. She is like a trusted, wise friend that you can easily talk to during the coaching sessions. Thank you Carol!

Dinah Low

Thank you so much Carol for your time and coaching sessions that nudged me to look deeper into the “what if” scenarios planning. You bring forth diversity of thinking, ability to listen with understanding and so wise in asking spot on probing questions…. thus, provided me with the clarity on what matters most to get to a much better proposition.

Hope you continue to reach and benefit more leaders esp female leaders to reach to their highest potential. You Rock!

Jenny Chew
Renata Dillon

It was a pleasure to have Carol’s coaching support. She brought me a new awareness and clarity I needed during the time I was quite lost.

She illuminated my limiting beliefs and fears; encouraging myself and offering me a different perspective about my “confused thoughts” during the time we were doing the sessions. Ensuring I’ll commit with my own self-care and life projects.

Thank you Carol for your time and wise direction.

Renata Dillon
Melissa Roberts

Carol has been instrumental in helping me navigate a new position within a new industry. Her guidance and insight has really helped me go from feeling that I was in over my head to being grounded and confident in my skills.

Carol has such a calming, caring manner, but she pushes me outside my comfort zone every session. I leave every session with more confidence and clarity and new skills to try during the week.

The best gift Carol has given to me during our sessions is to not listen to the voice in my head that was telling me I wasn’t good enough. I will be forever grateful for Carol’s guidance.

Melissa Roberts
Lionel Ch’ng

Thank you very much Carol for your time and guidance during our coaching sessions and discussions. I appreciate your patience, wisdom and support.

The biggest gain was in the structured thinking in terms of options available to me which were previously unclear – thanks for helping me uncover them and to decide on which path to choose.

I found our sessions to be insightful, productive and time well spent.

Lionel Ch’ng
Anna Figueiredo

Carol is wonderful! She has helped me organise my thoughts, buried under detail, by asking me probing and thoughtful questions.

Through our explorations of what has worked and what hasn’t during my career, I have the confidence to express what I can offer an organisation.

I continue to work with Carol as I step up into leadership roles.

Anna Figueiredo
Eric Balinghasay

Carol’s coaching helped me a lot when I was faced with some career and job-related questions.

I highly valued her probing statements; challenges to look for other options and angles to a particular situation; while being a great listener who helped me work thru my questions in a solution-oriented manner.

She also helped me assess whether my solutions were those I was truly comfortable; and authentic to my self. Thanks Carol!

Eric Balinghasay

Carol Yang gets my highest recommendation as a leadership coach. Her method has had such an amazing impact on how I see myself as a leader. The process Carol used helped me gain new self-awareness and greater confidence in my ability to lead a team. She coached me to develop and own my own unique brand of leadership, which has resulted in increased positive perceptions and respect from my team.

I am thrilled with the journey that Carol took me on and the great transformation that occurred. I am now a better leader and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thanks Carol for your guidance and support. 

Helen Rankin

I am a firm believer that people cross your path for a reason and being introduced to Carol was like a life line for me.

Carol was a real sounding board with no judgement that really made me think about what was important in my life and how with balance and focus you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I have had my confidence reinvigorated and I am so excited about the new journey I am about to begin.

If you are at a career cross roads, wondering where your next challenge lies I can highly recommend working with Carol, her unique ability to push but not take over your journey is immensely empowering.

Kirstie Smith
Tania Brown

I was about to move to Singapore and start a new role managing multi cultural teams across South East Asia and Carol had spent her career doing exactly this. Carol supported me before my move, mentoring me and offering advice and guidance on the journey I was about to commence.

I left Australia feeling prepared, motivated, excited and ready for my next step and Carol really played a significant part in this. I can’t thank her enough!

Tania Brown

As a result of working with Carol, I am now more confident in my leadership, more comfortable with my work/life choices; and have reinvigorated my overall energy and self belief.

Within a very short time, Carol helped me resolve inner conflicts regarding my career goals that I’ve been struggling with for a long time. Not only am I now clearer about my short and long term goals, I know how they fit within my broader priorities of family and life; and no longer feel guilty about the trade offs I’m making. I know what energises me at work which helps me set better boundaries on what to focus on, and I have an action plan to achieve my career goals.

We worked on many different areas ranging from career planning to building confidence and self belief. Throughout our discussions, Carol listened well; providing enough guidance to allow me to find my own answers. But she was also not afraid to challenge me with tough questions when needed which enabled me to get some big breakthroughs. I have gained tremendous value from working with Carol and I would highly recommend her.

Joni Ferrier
Selina Thng

Carol was extremely clear-headed and immensely helpful in giving direction without imposing; she was super patient with me even as I went around in circles at times; and more importantly she really helped me to see what the true issues were, and equipped me with the skills to address them one by one. I liked that she was very structured in her approach so that I never felt we missed anything out, and I liked that she always closed the loop so it always felt like an achievement in itself. Best of all, Carol is such a caring person, I really felt like a friend was guiding me rather than just a professional relationship.

I am more confident. I know what I want in my career and I’m well on track to achieving it. I highly recommend Carol to anyone who ever felt lost or just needed a mentor. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

Selina Thng

I approached Carol when I found myself thinking there must be more to life. I’d been running two businesses for four years but it felt like they’d been running me for at least the past two – and well into the ground, at that. I’d suddenly realised how dissatisfied I was with my life and I didn’t know how to fix it. Over the course of six sessions, Carol helped me clearly identify my values, the barriers that were hindering my progress and happiness, and how I could start taking control of my life again, rather than the other way around. Working with Carol was always uplifting and fun, even when she challenged me to really think beyond how I would normally! The result has been feeling clearer and more confident about the direction that I need to spring forward to next. Thanks Carol!

Sarah Harrison

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